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Promoting Regional Prosperity in Northwest Illinois

Brian Harger, Melissa Henriksen, Norman Walzer, and Andy Blanke

Site Location Factors

“…it is important to examine surveys of corporate executives and location consultants regarding the important factors considered in recommending and/or making location decisions. The basic sources for these analyses are the Annual Site Selection Consultants Survey and the Annual Survey of Corporate Executives conducted by Area Development Magazine19. The latest results reported in 2012 are for surveys conducted in 2011.

The businesses surveyed by Area Development Magazine involved manufacturing firms (nearly half) and distribution and logistics operations (approximately 20.0%) with a substantial number of data center operations, financial services and insurance firms, and healthcare and retail sector businesses. The survey results represent the views of mid-size companies (100 to 499 employees) with approximately half of the survey responses from companies in this size category, which is appropriate for much of northwest Illinois.”

Site Selector Factors