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Don Schaible, Hanover

"TCEDA has been very involved in the promotion of economic development in our ares. They've assisted local high schools in touring some of our manufacturing facilities. This is a great way for your youth to gain insight into the job opportunities available to them"

"I feel TCEDA is a great asset to our area and would be of great benefit to anyone looking to locate in the Midwest."

Don Schaible
Mayor, Village of Hanover

Our Success

Business Expansion

Build it Grow itBuild it • Grow it Business Program

New entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs learn from each other during TCEDA’s Build it • Grow it program. Small Business Development Directors provide education addressing the unique needs of the business with the business owner. Private, one-hour consulting sessions are available monthly by appointment. Visit our Build it • Grow it page for more information.

Additionally 21 regional business were provided planning and financial resources, the first business roundtables for business feedback were held and 100 businesses were assisted with federal government contracting.

Workforce Development

Mfg DayNational Manufacturing Day

TCEDA and its partners host National Manufacturing Day annually in October. Sophomores and juniors tour regional manufacturers to earn about career opportunities in their backyard. Students learn about educational requirements for different positions in the companies and salary ranges while exploring different manufacturers.

Business Acquisition

Growth provides confidence, confidence allows investment, investment creates opportunities and jobs, which provide more growth and so on. As the virtuous cycle repeats and expands, so do our opportunities and responsibilities. In 2014 TCEDA assisted 

- $20 M in new business investment from outside our region

- 16 new full-time employment positions

- the first NW IL International Business Exchange