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Thomson Prison Activation

PDF fileUnited States Prison (Thomson) Requirements

The President's budget includes a request for $166.3 million in "program enhancements to begin the activation process for three institutions (Federal Correctional Institution at Hazelton, West Virginia, United States Penitentiary at Yazoo City, Mississippi, and Administrative United States Penitentiary at Thomson, Illinois)."
The $166.3 million represents all program enhancements for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), not just for the activations for three prisons.
How much of this would be devoted to Thomson activation?
In the Salaries and Expenses appropriation, $43.7 million is to begin the activation of Administrative USP Thomson, IL.  In the Building and Facilities Account, $15 million is to begin renovation of Administrative USP Thomson, IL.  Please note these figures could change throughout the budget process.
How much is needed to activate Thomson?
We estimate that it will need $168 million over two to three years for activation and another $168 million per year once the facility is fully up and running.
We also estimate it will cost approximately $25 million to renovate/modify the structure.

When would you anticipate activating Thomson?
As soon as the Congress enacts and the President signs an appropriation bill that provides funding for Thomson, the BOP will begin the activation process.

What will BOP moving to the region employees require?

Services required include:

•    Quality child care
•    Rental home options
•    Hotel/motel within government per diem
•    Health care professionals that honor federal health insurance providers
•    Recreational to include restaurants, movie theater, and sports leagues for children and adults

Products required include: 

•    Multi-cultural personal items
•    Multi-cultural food items
•    Price competitive home improvement stores
•    Professional clothing stores

TCEDA and its T3 Partners will continue to update communities and organizations
with information regarding Thomson Prison as it becomes available.