Tri-County Future

Environmental Impact of Thomson Prison 2010

Preparing for the Future, Today

In anticipation of recent economic events, attention has turned to how to prepare our communities and businesses. These events could mean new jobs, new business, business expansion, and increase need for housing. All of these mean opportunities for Northwest Illinois. However, the situation needs realistic strategic planning that cannot be entered into haphazardly. Now is the time to begin the careful planning for success.


Preparation for economic initiatives can be complicated. Great advice from the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation comes with suggestions for community preparedness by beginning with an inventory of services in your community. Please click below for the inventory list.

Each community should have an Interim Concierge (point person), one person who is the community contact person who can answer inquiry questions and who has the knowledge on how to obtain more information as requested.

Other suggestions are a community information page on the internet, town hall meetings to put committees to work gathering this information and to update your community comprehensive plan.

Most of all keep the positive energy going in your community by providing the complete facts to all residence and business owners. Knowledge is power.

The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity also suggests having a Facts Page and writing a community resolution, both of which are available for the Thomson Prison Initiative.


Economic opportunities and initiatives have a big impact on our local businesses. As business owners, all welcome new customers and additional sales, but a sudden increase in business when you are not prepared can be difficult to manage. The following checklist gives suggestions and will help you manage potential expansion opportunities.

While these suggestions are ideal for potential expansion opportunities given the Thomson Prison initiative, they are necessary items in your daily business. Take the time now to get ready for your future today!